Adrián Pellejo y Formaje

Adrián Pellejo has turned the Chamberí square into a meeting point for cheese lovers.

Madrid's cheese lovers can now count on a new pilgrimage center that opened its doors on May 26th, flooding the Plaza de Chamberí with elegance and the best of smells. This is Formaje, a project that has been forged to highlight the value of this dairy derivative and the agents and factors involved in its production and that has materialized in a didactic and dynamic space consisting of a store and a meeting point that will accommodate tastings, gastronomic events, talks with producers, among other activities. Behind this declaration of intentions are Clara Díez and her husband Adrián Pellejo, two young people who have been exploring the world of cheese for some time and with Formaje have wanted to go a step further.


So, tell us what you do.

    I dedicate myselfto artisan cheese, together with my wife I run a company called Formaje, wherewe have a store in Madrid, in Plaza de Chamberí and an e-commerce where we shipto the entire peninsula. My job is to select the cheeses that we sell on ourplatform.

    Your peaceful place is…

    My peaceful place is in Brañosera, my home town. It is a place in the mountains of Palencia where I go to rest and reconnect with the nature that we lack so much in the city.

    Ifyou went around the world, which country would you start with?

    I would start with Spain, which is where I live and from which I would depart… If we talk about the first destination, I think I would choose Argentina to later tour all of Latin America.

    Thebest advice you've ever been given is...

    Never do to others what you would not like them to do to you.

    A project that excites you…

      Formaje is my vital project.

      Whatwould you like to do before you die?

      Continue enjoying life day by day.

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